BlackWater Tavern & Tap is a local tavern located in the town of Alden, New York. The name "Blackwater" originates from the late 1800's when Alden, New York was a bustling spa town. In 1891, Frank Westcott encountered Black Mineral water. The healing black water baths were once world-renowned. 

Many believed in the black mineral-rich waters medicinal qualities. People soon began coming to Alden for cures for a variety of ailments. Bathhouses, inns and boarding houses were built to handle the influx. Unfortunately, people eventually stopped believing in the healing powers of the mineral baths due to the advent of conventional medicine, which led to a decline in business. Sadly, many bathhouses in the town were also destroyed by fire and the last spa finally closed. 

We want this incredible legacy to live on by dedicating our bar to the history of Alden's Black Water Baths. We'd love to invite you in to enjoy a craft beer or a glass of wine by the fireplace during the cold winter months. For the full BlackWater Tavern & Tap experience, visit us today! We're looking forward to meeting you!